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“Happy Birthday Kai ❤
Today is a special day because a cool guy has his birthday today 🙂 I think you´re the most amazing drummer, most talented drummer and the coolest drummer on the world and I love you for making the Gazette´s music to that what it is. Full of energy and rocking…
I´ve never seen such an inspiring person and you always make me smile. You make the whole world smile – I´m sure of that.
Please keep on making music and visit us in germany.
We all wish you a happy birthday and many happy days in your life because we all admire you and love you.
xxx Yumi.”

Today is Kai´s Birthday. I´m so happy and I just sent him this mail. I´m not really sure if he gets this mail but…yeah…xD

Please send him an e-mail, too ❤


By the way I was trying not to act like a fanatic fangirl… I don´t know if it works but yes…xD



Posted on: October 25, 2011

Ah, it´s so a beautiful day today… The sun was shining a little bit – and not in my face! It wasn´t really warm, but it wasn´t THAT cold… I love autumn…

I just took this photo today… I really like this 🙂 It´s so cute! I love autumn sun 😀 Not too bright…just perfect…

I really like this, too… I love black and white! With black and white I don´t look that ugly, hehe.  It´s cute, I think 😀

It was a long time ago when I posted my last entry… but I´m so in writing, I hadn´t time to write something. I´m still working on loveletters and it´s getting so cool! Yesterday I created the first half of the new chapter and an overview because the story is getting confusing…xD I don´t want to write stupid things. Yesterday I had a nightmare… It was SO terrible! I had 28 comments and every comment was so mean like: “You can´t write!” or something like that. It was terrible. Today I just checked my story and it was a relief that I still have a five-star-rating. What a relief.

It´s over. It´s all over. Summer ends and the flowers die with this time.
They are falling, knowing that the leafs are going to follow them soon.
Letting me alone.
No, not exactly. I´m not really alone. Next to me is a beautiful girl. Her hair is black, wonderful black. Her eyes are little, but they can look at me with such an intensive strength…
I shudder. Observe her. She´s my girlfriend – I´m allowed to stare at her.
“Hey, are you going to sit here and staring at me like a maniac?” She grins and looks at me coyly.
A cherry blossom falls down, lands on her head. There, it withers.
What a pity. It would look good on her, wouldn´t it?
I sigh and whisper at her: “I hate autumn and winter.”
Surprised she looks up and asks me why. “Hate?”
“Nothing that can decorate your wonderful hair.” I mumble. “The end of lifes…”
“You overact… Really! Lifes end, life´s dark, it seems depressing… But you know what? Only wimps are scared of this time.”
She stands up and goes.
Because I am a wimp.
A stupid wimp.


Just a little text. I´m not good at english, hehe. I can overbring my feelings better with german. And you know, it´s a random text. Nothing important, just some thoughts, written in 5 minutes. Nothing important 😉

Nonsense lyrics… Perverted lyrics…. And I still love them 😀 What a hardcore song xD

Nya… today it was so beautiful… the sky was red, it was so beautiful, now it looks rainy, its gray… I don´t know what to do now. Actually it´s really cool. It´s cold outside, the perfect weather to walk home 30 minutes without feeling k.o. But it´s kind of sad, too. I dunno…

I think it´s the perfect weather now for hearing GAZETTE on my way home and watching Naruto in front of the computer 😀 I can´t wait… It´s a long time ago when I watched my last episode. There are still about 15 episodes I have to see. Hmm…it´s a busy week now. It´s my bad hair week and I have to buy “Death Note 3” and “Defense Devil 2”. On top of that I need an internship, too. Urgh…

But it will be cool now. I would really like to do an internship in a book store. It´s going to be interesting and everywhere are books! They have manga, too…so actually it´s a paradise! The problem is that the book store is so little… I don´t know if they let me do an internship, hehe. Death Note 3 will be cool, too. I´ve waited SO long! I hope I´ll get it tomorrow. It´s so exciting! 😀 Defense Devil will be great, too. I like Defense Devil. It´s very funny. Who haven´t read DD yet, should do it! It´s REALLY, REALLY funny! There are little stories in a book(about 3 per book) and it´s really cool. Very intelligent. I love intelligent books 😀

(source: http://tvlife.jp/news/detail.php?news_id=50076





I hope they´ll do a world tour then… I want to see them! I have to see them live! Just once…

I just realize how happy I am. Isn´t it strange? Whenever I´m being creative, I´m so happy! Whether I write some stories or play an instrument, I´m full of life and I could hug the whole world ❤ I could play the entire day 😀 And it´s so fun 😀 So here´s my list what I always do in autumn to raise the spirits.

1. I love learning something new. Languages, arts, sports and other things. I just love the feeling that I just achieved something. On my own. I think nothing more is cooler than learn something on your own. You don´t need to walk out of the house to take lessons. It´s more relaxing to stay at home and use the wonderful internet for that. I often sit in front of the pc just to learn something new. You can regulate your speed, you can decide what to learn first and it´s more fun. I hate the pressure in the school. I mean, I LOVE learning but I want to discover everything myself. I want to deduce the mathematical formulas by myself. It´s more fun and more effective. Autumn(and winter) are perfect for that. At the moment I´m learning the guitar and I´m learning japanese at the moment. It´s really fun 😀 And it makes me happy.

2. In autumn I spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Hehe, yes. It´s the perfect weather to stay in the (warm) bathroom and take care of oneself. I could lay DAYS in the bath. Creaming, mixing masks, laying in the bath, relaxing. So many reasons 😀 And it´s SO warm in the bathroom!! xD

3. Baking. I love baking cakes or cookies. Even in autumn. I love  the aroma of cinnamon, it´s a very warm aroma. I love the aroma of chocolate staying in the whole house while baking. I love the time in which I wait for the ready cakes 😀 And at least: I love eating. I think eating can always raise your spirits! And cakes are so yummy! I love sitting with something yummy in front of a book and enjoying the bad weather. Especially when it´s stormy outside and I just made a cup of hot chocolate. Hmm….<3

4. Walks. I love walking around in autumn as well as in winter. In summer it´s too hot and somehow I don´t like to walk around in spring. In autumn it´s so beautiful outside with the fog and the gray sky in contrast with the red leaves on the ground. I love to step on the leaves, this makes just a cool noise. And it´s so fun. I love jumping into puddles, although I´m not allowed to do this. I love the wind that whispers in my ear. I love my mp3-player which accompany me in these days. It´s such an impulsive season. I don´t know why but I think autumn is a magical season. Winter too is a beautiful season. Walking through the snow while it´s snowing on you, catching the snowflakes. Oooh…I just love it when something falls out of the sky. xD

5. Being creative. It´s such a melancholic season and I love writing stories. There are so many stories than can be created now. I don´t know…summer is so boring while autumn is full of surprises. Maybe I´m such stupid that I always have to emphasize how cool autumn is. But it is! And I´m the type of person who loves to write melancholic stories. xD Summer isn´t melancholic at all. xD You can also be creative while making animals with chestnuts. xDDD

6. Making sport. Even if the weather is too wet for outdoorsport, I would die if I have to stay on a place. I always jump around and this helps. Because sport can make you happy. Even in autumn and winter! In winter you can do so many things *_* In autumn I prefer running through the house and play table tennis or badminton, hehe. xD I also love to swim 😀 And in winter there are so many oportunities! *_*

Just some thoughts about this song…:D

If this planet tried to put
an end on everything tomorrow,
how much anger, sadness
would be left behind?

Hearing this question, how many people would be
willing to give their lives in exchange for protecting the Earth?
No matter what people say, talk is cheap
Let’s see some action being done instead!!

Here is nothing, totally nothing,
where people are all talk
and only concerned about themselves

If that’s the case then no matter what is said
Nothing will ever change
Stop these children’s games

What if this planet was really
a fake made by someone
And we were being kept
like goldfishes in a fish tank
And even the thunderstorms and earthquakes
that shake the Earth which happen sometimes
were actually our owner’s way of playing
pranks on us
Once I start thinking about that,
I can’t seem to stop
But if that was really the truth then…
It’d be a nightmare, a total nightmare

Our growth and evolution are just one cure
If this was the case, then whatever we do
In the end, we are fated for oblivion
Here is nothing, totally nothing
The truth is that nothing exists out there
It’s just an illusion that someone created
If that’s the case, then I’m surely
caught in a trick that someone made

Here is nothing, totally nothing
The forests, the buildings and even the people
are just an illusion made by someone
If that’s the case, then you’re surely be
lending a hand to the trick someone made?

(Translation and video by MNG, go follow him, he´s great!)
I really like One OK Rocks new song… it´s very, I don´t know… deep? It´s very emotional and after everything what happened to Japan this year… hmm…
The lyrics are totally beautiful.
“If that´s the case, then you´re surely be lending a hand to the trick someone made.” So true. Too true. It´s an easy statement but it´s SO cruel because of the entire composition. I would be so angry if that´s the case but the truth is that we all contribute to this “nightmare”. Isn´t it like this? Don´t we always create illusions just to create a feeling of being safe, of being happy? Aren´t we just animals on this entire world, helpless and stupid?
We can´t defend us against the cruelty of the nature, but we try it while we´re destroying this planet. This is poor. This is really poor. Just to mention it.
One OK Rock did a great job on this and I love them. And I love the world. And you.

I´m bored…xD The sun is shining but I don´t want to got out because nobody wants to play badminton or tennis with me. I don´t want to play alone. xD So I tried playing the guitar. It´s quite hard, more difficult than the vietnamese zither. (I played it before but the strings broke up and we can´t repair the zither so I didn´t touch it anymore. Anyway, it was a great instrument and it was fucking easy!)

But there´s some hope that I´ll learn how to catch the right strings without looking at the guitar in the next days… It´s not that difficult… the problem I had was actually just… reading music…xD I´m too bad. Flute is still the easiest instrument to learn…xD But I want to learn guitar! If I master it, I´ll play some songs from The Gazette *_* This would be SO cool! Especially because the guitar solos from them are SO good! Hehe… I won´t make it. xD This solos are on so a high level and I… nya… I´m not very musical, but I can try it of course 🙂

YAY! I love D.L.N and this is so… I JUST LOVE IT! And I like Uruha. xD And Uruhas Parts. xD


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